Activate Speech Review

July 8, 2015

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This lovely resource landed through my letter box today!

It is a speech and language resource by Activate Speech which is a Galway based company.

This resource would be excellent for an ASD unit teacher, learning support, resource,  parents, or indeed any professional working with children with speech and language difficulties.

I received a sample of ‘Learning how to say F words’.

It also includes a lovely little pouch with picture cards to practice the word associations. The cards are of very high quality and are quite durable too.


They also provide a little booklet which explains how to use the resource, which would be so helpful for parents.

These cards are great for forming vocabulary, forming sentences, learning adjectives, making associations, verbal reasoning, learning to explain, and developing conversational skills too.

The booklet details step by step how to use the cards, and the resource books, which I think is key to any useful resource. It also gives a number of suggested activities and games, such as ‘Share and Say’, ‘Guess What it is’, ‘What’s Missing’, ‘Hide a Card’ and many more.

The Speech Books focus on different letters. The one I received focused on the letter F. It includes therapy tips, practice F games, mini worksheets and lots more, which I have included in the photos below.


I am very impressed with the sample I received. For more information have a look at Activate Speech Link

or Activate Speech Facebook


Activate speech 1  as3  AC4



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