Múinteoir Valerie Seminar

July 7, 2015

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Hello everyone,


I bear very exciting news! I will be running a Múinteoir Valerie seminar in education this summer! I am not holding myself out as some educational expert here, but I would like an opportunity to share the knowledge I have acquired thus far with those of you who read my website posts.

The seminar will be held in Dublin on the 20th of August in the Spencer Hotel(North Dublin 1 , along the quays)  from two o clock until six o’clock.  It will consist of presentations on the following:

Teaching practice and sample plans

The DIP and sample plans

Subbing and a sample CV

Job Applications and my approach to the standard application form.

Extra-curriculars and how to enhance your CV

How to set up an educational blog and the benefits

How to make your own digital resources

A guest speaker


There will also be a book company with samples of books, and lots of prizes to win throughout the day.



The seminar costs ten euro and there will be lots of prizes! Come along for a day of educational fun to prepare for the academic year ahead!

If you have booked a place, could you please PM me what you would like to get from the seminar, i.e. are you a substitute/ NQT/trainee teacher, so I can prepare accordingly.






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