Understanding of the Curriculum:
The understanding of the curriculum is just all about your teaching experience and how well you know the curriculum, e.g. how would you teach maths lesson, or English. They may mention methodologies then which would just be ones you did on TP, i.e. which ones do you use in your teaching, be it active learning, collaborative learning etc. Assessment then would be assessment of and for learning. *(there’s a sample answer to this on my website)
Current issues
Special needs allocation which is up for review, and the new religion program which is starting with infants this year. School Self Evaluation is when a school undertakes a subject to review over 2 years. e.g. if a school is doing Irish they may be discussing ways to involve parents, have children speaking Irish more and generally ways to improve the teaching of that particular subject.



Experience working with the local priest, and preparing children for such a big event, you may have helped out with the ceremony of light, teaching and preparing through the study of Alive O and ancillary material. Perhaps you have experience in teaching prayer, the sacraments etc. If you haven’t maybe just say you are aware of the amount of work involved through volunteering at such events.[pb_builder]

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