At Home Activities and Lessons for Children with ASD

March 13, 2020

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The activities in the post are geared towards children in junior ASD classes.

Phonics: Revise the phonic sounds your children have been taught. Don’t confuse them with new ones! If you are unsure just stick with Jolly Phonics phase one and two. Encourage children to say the sound, name the letter and trace it in the air, in sand, shaving foam,etc.

Reading: If your child will sit for a story , then try this. If not maybe an animated online story from sites such as Vooks might work. Attention Autism is a great way of helping your child concentrate on the story.

Maths- keep revising the numbers your child knows, whether its 1-5, 1-10, 1-100! Again get them to form the number in a varuety of textures, or if they don’t like the sensory approach just making it in the air is the same thing. Working on jigsaw puzzles, matching games, patterns etc will all help your child develop mathematical skills too.

This unexpected closure could be a good time to work on life skills with your child, getting dressed, opening and closing buttons, zipping coats, baking, brushing teeth, buttering bread.

If the weather is in your favour let them just play in the garden too! The benefits of messy play cannot be stressed enough for strenthening their hands. If you have a few bits and pieces lying around make up a little obstacle course!

If you have an IPAD there’s a huge amount of educational games available which may suit your child better than sitting down to traditional work.

Do what is best for your child at the end of the day, as every child is different! And remember, some days in school we gets loads of work done, other days we don’t. So don’t worry if some days go that way.

Remember the importance of routine, whether you do ten minutes or an hour a day with your child, try keep to the same time and same sequence of activities. If your child uses a first and then chart in school, use one at home too. I have free ones in the Special Education section to download. Remember to reward your child with a reinforcer after each activity too.

I have a few free resources in the Special Education section of my blog if that helps.

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