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March 12, 2020

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Muinteoir Valerie 13

Today it was announced that all schools will close until the end of March. It was an absolutely surreal day in school. Believe me, no teachers are celebrating this news! We were perfectly happy with our three days off next week! We have a lot of work to get through and this is a big disruption at this time in the school year. Hopefully we will be back as planned at the end of March. In the mean time, we pass the baton to the parents education wise! Some teachers will have sent home work, others may not have had time.

There are lots of websites offering free resources to assist you in revising work with your children.





If your child has ASD, then Amanda at the Autism Educator has amazing resources, as does ASD Creation Station.

It is important not to just fly ahead and fill out loads of pages in workbooks. These two weeks should be used for revision purposes, to avoid confusion for the children.

Parents of younger children may want to focus on revising phonics, sight words, numbers and meaning, rhymes, shapes spelling, name recogniton, subitising, addition, maybe some fun science experiments too! Older children may use this as an opportunity to revise tables and spellings, maths topics already taught (not new ones!) Irish vocabulary, English grammar, writing genres and so on. Maybe choose an interesting topic to do a research project on too! I would encourage particularly with younger children to try keep a routine and do a set amount of work each day so the children know what to expect. Remember most importantly to encourage reading and read stories with your child.

I have a link here to a 20 page grammar pack which would be handy for revision for fourth- sixth class children.

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