Bullying Prevention Summer Course with Anokha Learning

July 18, 2019

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I have only done two summer courses so far, normally I would do three if not more! I am just so busy this summer I don’t think realistically I will get another one done. I am choosing to write this review for Anokha learning because it is a course which I actually felt engaged with and not like I was just doing it for the sake of it. Without getting too deep, we are in unchartered territories at the moment with bullying, cyber bullying and all sorts. We only have to look at recent topics in the news to see that. This leaves me as a teacher, a little uneasy at times. Most bullying now takes places online, which is outside of school territory and outside of our control. Yet it seeps into the classroom and parents often feel that the teachers will sort it out. It is something which I think we need lots of inservices on to help us prepare and deal with this issue, rather than watching outdated powerpoints of the NLC , spare me.

I went off on a tangent there but this really is an issue I feel strongly about, which is why I chose to do a summer course on it, to help me feel somewhat armed.

Anokha summer courses are quite engaging I find as the course content is practical, and useful without being too heavy on reading etc. There is plenty to keep you going but not an onerous amount either. This for me was a huge thing because I have a one year old baby, I am busy with my blog and I am getting married next month! I found I got through this course easily because I was interested in it and I even read all the comments from other teachers which I don’t normally do!

If you are looking for a course to provide you with a number of strategies and lesson ideas to reduce bullying, promote inclusion and foster a positive atmosphere in your classroom then this is it. It is not simply anti-bullying either but rather promoting empathy and inclusion so the risks of bullying are reduced.

Anokha Learing really are passionate about the courses they provide.  Fiona the course director has shared with me that many of their courses have been inspired by her own child’s journey through life and school.  Anokha Learning believe that educating and supporting the teacher comes first and this can be done in an enjoyable way! The learning and role modelling is then more likely to happen in school. And if you are really stressed and anxious it’s harder to learn, this applies to teachers and children! Their aim is to  provide lots of practical strategies that can be put to use in a system that is as stress free as possible.

Summer courses with Anokha are still open but places are very limited as far as I know.

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