Letter of Application

July 17, 2019

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The Letter of Application:

Some schools request a letter of application along with the application form. While it is extra work completing it, it is also a great opportunity for you to show case more of your talents that may not fit in the standard application form.

Here is what I feel should be included in the letter.

Show Evidence of your Abilities

Pick at least 3 of your best qualities ,they should already be listed in your SAF but the letter gives you extra space to refer to these . It’s always best to use facts and solid examples. For example, “During my time as a student teacher, I was involved in assisting with the class communion” is better than “I have lots of experience with children.’

Discuss the School

Research the school then mention the aspects of what it does that impresses you the most. If you love its innovation, give an example of innovation in the school and how you could add to this. Search the website thoroughly for this information.

Keep it Short

There is no need to go beyond a single A4 page. Your letter should consist of the highlights of your career to date and should be brief. You shouldn’t have more than three paragraphs and each one should get straight to the point.

Send as a PDF

Every computer can open a PDF file without the need for conversion.

Personalise (If Possible)

Do the necessary research to find out who you’re sending the application to, namely the chairperson of the board of management so find out their name! If you cannot find it then Dear Chairperson will do.


Read, read and re-read, then get five people to read it for you.

Stick to the Point

School principals read dozens of cover letters and the last thing they want is to sift through irrelevant information on a page. Rather than focus on activities and telling the school about your love of literature, look for ways to align the schools values with yours.

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