NQT Tips- Time Management

July 17, 2019

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This is an extract from my NQT guidebook which I will be uploading tomorrow night to the blog.

Time management is the biggest issue for NQTs. There is just never enough time! Here are some time management suggestions!

Manage your time

  • Organise a routine for the start of the day, after breaks, end of the day. Have a timetable and stick to it! Both you and the children will benefit from routine.
  • When planning lessons at the start of the year make sure not to include too much written work – a lot of assessment can be done orally or through ICT e.g. Kahoot.
  • Discuss with your principal or mentor an effective approach to corrections.
  • If there are similar class levels in your school get involved in planning with the teachers at that class level as this will save you having to create lessons from scratch and it will also be helpful in sharing resources.
  • Have clear expectations of your class from the start!
  • Model the desired behaviours at every opportunity.
  • Post up a visual representation of the rules on the classroom wall.
  • Compile a list of transition-fillers for use between classes.
  • Before you buy resources or make resources check within the school as schools will have most essential resources that you will need when you are beginning teaching. Don’t spend money unnecessarily!
  • Take your breaks – this is very important for recharging your batteries!
  • Eat well- you need your energy.
  • Keep your weekly plans short and succinct. They do not need to be as detailed as on teaching practice. They need to be realistic and attainable.
  • Stay on top of your planning- don’t end up doing two weeks worth of plans in one weekend. Little and often is my motto!
  • Visit charity shops- they are a treasure throve for books and resources.
  • Set up an a4 notebook with a page for each child and note down whenever a child  does something out of the ordinary. When it comes to writing reports it will be much easier! This is so important for recording behavioural incidents to show parents too. Always keep a written record.
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