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July 26, 2015

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Hello everyone!

I recently bought a few things for my classroom in Tiger. Tiger is a stationery shop. It is usually best avoided by teachers, as we usually go in and spend money on items we could really do without if we had to. It is a haven for stationery fiends like myself however. I have become more discerning in my purchasing of late. In the past I would buy giant rubbers, tacks, pencils etc. I have since realised that these end up cluttering my house or classroom, and are rarely used.

So, I forbid myself from going to Tiger for a while. It lasted a few months I am quite proud to say. I was shopping yesterday though and passed by  it. After seeing a few lovely items my fellow blogger Irish Primary Teacher bought on her blog, I just had to go in!
I was very careful, and only spent fourteen euro, which isn’t too bad for what I got!

I bought this inflatable globe:




I plan to use it as an opening for many lesson. Geography being the obvious one, e.g. if your thumb lands on France, tell me three facts about France, colour of its flag etc.
I will also use it as a transitionary item. E.g. we will pass the ball around and play questions and answers:
Which country would you like to go to and why?
Imagine you woke up to find yourself in China! How did you get there? Map your journey using the globe.
Which countries are closest to Ireland?
Which countries are furthest away from Ireland?
Which continent is the biggest?
Which is the biggest/smallest country?
Can you name the oceans? How many oceans are there?
Can you show me where Tom Crean travelled to?

That’s just a few off the top of my head, but the possibilities are endless really.

I also bought this for drama:

I thought it would be ideal for the shyer children in the class. There’s nothing worse than forcing a child to partake in a drama lesson if they are very self-conscious, particularly in the senior end. So, that quiet child who doesn’t want to take part can be the director! It is perfect! I would imagine all children would want a go at being the director! I plan to have a director’s chair too. It will be great for freeze framing too. I actually can’t wait to use it. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to do more drama with my class!


I bought these gigantic playing cards for maths. Every Friday I will be doing maths stations where there will be activities like board games, cards, counting games, dice (die) and so on. There’s a huge amount of maths games which can be played using simple playing cards. Here is a link:  Card Games



I also bought these which I didn’t need at all, but they will look nice!
And the pencils are for me, not the children!




I bought some pins and bunting too!













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