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July 19, 2021

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Hi everyone

I recently teamed up with Comhar Linn as they celebrated forty years in business! They offered a very generous prize for readers of my blog and social media and it was so nice to see sixty people win something!

I am sharing in this blog post some of what they offer on their website and app. They sent me this information to share on my blog. I am not getting paid for this post, I think it is just genuinely helpful information for teachers , I know lots may be applying for a loan for starting the PME, or buying a car or whatever!

 The Primary School Teacher Credit Union has over 25,000 members . Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union provide members with the resources to manage their money and financial affairs, by offering current accounts, loans, money management and personal savings. Comhar Linn now have a new website! All their services are even easier to access, click here to have a look


Comhar Linn now offer a safer way to pay with Apple Pay. Members can now add their Current Account Debit Card to Apple Pay, this will make it easier to make contactless payments using your phone or watch. Apple Pay is easy to set up. Simply add your Debit Card to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac, and start using Apple Pay on that device right away. If you want to apply for a Current Account online you can do so here: :

Comhar Linn is the credit union that is specifically for primary school teachers. They offer a wide range of loan types with low interest rates exclusively available to teachers.

There are many benefits of a loan from comhar Linn which include:✓ deduction at source, ✓ free loan protection insurance, ✓ apply online✓ decision made with 24 hours, ✓ funds issued within 48 hours. (T&C’s apply)❖ Home Improvement Loans for Teachers

Car Loans for Teachers❖ First Loan with a low 5.5% A.P.R is exclusively available to members who have never previously received a loan from Comhar Linn. First time Comhar Linn borrowers can apply for a loan for whatever you are planning for the future – new car, renovating your home etc.

Apply online at :

I hope you find this useful!


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