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February 7, 2015

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Hello everyone,

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately, my laptop was broken and it was taking ages to fix under warranty, so I had to buy a new one in the end! I have loads of posts to share, from reviews of my latest books, to our Grandparents Day, to lesson ideas, I don’t even know where to start! The hectic nature of the DIP is also making it difficult for me to blog as much as I’d like. I feel as though there simply isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes. We all know how that feels!

This post however, isn’t the most pleasant to write. As you may know, I sell resources and thematic units on-line. I work exceptionally hard on these, aware that some people may use them as a guide for teaching practice. Naturally, one could never sell their work without copyright being in place.

 As a former law student, I was perhaps more aware and wary of this area. Before selling anything, I made sure to have a copyright policy in place. This means, that my work is copyrighted under my name. So say for example, the Harry Potter books. They are copyrighted under JK Rowling’s name. I couldn’t go out in the morning and write a book about Harry Potter, because it would be a copyright infringement. The same applies to my lesson plans and resources. It is a difficult area to police, as lesson plans can be similar in nature. Mine however, have a distinctive style, and when I saw my exact plans for sale, under a different name, I was very disappointed. It is illegal, basically, and actionable under law. My blog and blog posts are also copyrighted.

So please, if you are selling resources, ensure they are your own. If you are selling lesson plans, ensure they are 100% quality. Ask yourself the question, would I use this for an inspection lesson? If not, then don’t sell it.

I will be contacting those in breach of copyright.

Thank you,



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