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January 29, 2015

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Hello everyone,

As promised, here is a post to share my newest resource with you. I bought these challenge cards a few weeks ago one of those Christmas pop up shops which was closing down. I am sorry, I can’t remember the name of it! They were reduced to two euro! The best two euro ever I spent.

I use these cards as transitions between lessons. We do the physical challenges as a whole class, and the mental challenges individually. They are great fun. I will post examples for you to use in your classroom. All you need is a minute timer, which you can get on the IWB.

 Physical challenges:

Hop on your left leg for a minute

Jump on the spot 30 times

Jog on the spot for a minute

Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star four times

Run around in a circle for a minute

Do 20 Star Jumps

Do 30 pairs of stair step ups

Stand in  aeroplane position with one foot on the floor, one leg stretched behind you, and both arms stretched out to your sides.

Mental Challenges:

Name five songs with Love in the title

Name 10 bands or musical artists with first names or surnames beginning with B

Name 20 countries

Name 20 fruits

Name 15 farm animals

Name ten boys names with only three letters

Name ten things you would use only once

Name ten sports brands

Name four things you can see but not touch

Recite the four times tables to 80[pb_builder]

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