Country Study-China

January 3, 2019

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Country Study as a theme- China


Studying countries thematically is a good way to ensure linkage and integration when teaching. The Chinese New Year is this month so I thought China would be a good example for some ideas to teach thematically.


Reading: reading comprehensions about china.

Oral language: presenting facts about china to the class.

Writing: write a newspaper article about the Chinese New Year, write a report about China, imagine you have moved to China for a year. Write a letter to your friend at home telling her about life in China, write an acrostic poem using the word China, write a shape poem using the map of China, read Chinese proverbs.


Geography: learn about the country of China, its natural and human environments. Create class projects on this.


History: The history of the Great Wall of China


Science- Make Chinese New Year slime! Or write reports on animals from China. (the panda)


Art- create lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Music- Listen and respond to Chinese music, show online examples of Chinese instruments: discussion of Chinese instruments, including the erhu, xiao, dizi, pipa, guzheng (duzheng), and yangqin


Drama: play Chinese whispers as a warm up game. Re-create the festivities of the Chinese New Year through mime.

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