Diary of a Masters Student

May 24, 2020

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The Butterfly Lion Teaching Guide

I have signed up to my second module , which is Applied Behavioural Analysis, Critical Exploration and Practice. I so far have only announced myself on the social forum, I haven’t been able to start the module fully. I am finished with all my CPD courses now though and have cleared the deck to focus fully on this module for the next few months.

I didn’t speak about the assignment in the last entry. The assignment for the last module was 5000 words in length. I chose to do 2500 words on analysing the TEACCH method, and 2500 words on teaching to the strengths of children with autism. I actually found it okay. There was a big last minute panic of course as I tried to refamiliarise myself with the harvard referencing system and turnitin etc but actually writing the essays was really enjoyable. I love researching and writing so I take great delight in disappearing upstairs with a cup of tea and my laptop to do masters work when Tom is off work!

I get messages asking me about the course and whether it is doable or not. I feel it really is. You just need to be disciplined!

I will let you know how the second module is going once I actually get started on it!

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