Early Finisher’s Activities- Senior Classes

January 12, 2015

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Hello everyone,

Early finishers. The bane of a teacher’s existence. Only joking! Every class has a huge range of abilities, and as such, children finish tasks and activities at different times. Therein lies my issue with whole class instruction- it doesn’t always suit the whole class! This is where the class stations come in. I hope to establish stations in my classroom for English, Irish and maths. They will be ability grouped, and all tasks given will be differentiated accordingly. The children will rotate through the stations, which will stay the same, but the instruction will be different for each ability group.

Until I get that organised however, I am relying on my early finisher activities!

I posted a link to my early finisher activity sheet earlier, which can be found here:

My early finisher tubs contain worksheets based on maths, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, etc. I photocopied the worksheets from a variety of sources, including text books, the Aldi activity books, and my Prim-Ed Early Finisher Activity Book, which can be found here: http://www.prim-ed.com/webshop/searchproduct/0/early-finisher?CFID=61318&CFTOKEN=27614880

I plan to create my own early finisher activity sheets too, so keep an eye out, they will be available to download shortly.

I think it is important to remember that a child is in school to LEARN. So any early finisher activity should have a clear learning outcome.  An activity based on designing a bookmark is all very well and good, but for the senior end, I personally feel that a more academic stance should be taken with EFA (early finisher activites)

Stay tuned for more free EFA sheets! 



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