Early Finishers Review

July 28, 2014

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Hello múinteoiri,
I hope you are well and enjoying what is left of the summer.
This is just a quick post to share my newest book with you, ‘Early Finishers – Independent Activities to Reinforce Basic Skills’. I have this in Book G, which is for 5th/6th class. I chose this level because I often find this class level fly through their work, and so they need lots and lots of activities to keep them busy. Hence, my Early Finishers book. Hopefully it’ll put an end to the ‘what will I do now?’ question every five minutes!
This is a very comprehensive resource, which is quite a bit thicker than my other books. There are 122 pages in total in Book G. It contains worksheets based on looking at and analysing words, working with numbers, critical thinking, following directions and creative thinking.
Just a tip, when handing out worksheets, do ensure the children write their names on them. I would then correct them and leave them in a neat pile on the teacher’s desk so he/she can see what was covered. If the children keep them, the worksheets will end up in a crumpled ball at the bottom of their school bags! Another idea is to simply project the page you are working on onto the whiteboard, and have the children complete the activities in their relevant copies. 
Some of the activities in this book are VERY challenging, and even a múinteoir would need a moment or two to figure out some of them! Don’t panic however, as the answer sheets for all activities are at the back of the book. Phew!
The word detective pages look really fun. There are also magic word squares, number puzzles, magic number squares, codes, riddles and so on. 
I wouldn’t purchase this book as a mainstream resource to hand out to all children, as I would imagine some may struggle with it. I plan to use it for those who complete the work from ‘The Relief Teacher Toolkit’ early. It’s really just to keep the children who finish everything in record time busy, so they won’t get up to any mischief. The activities are such to keep them challenged and suitably entertained, freeing the teacher up to work with those who may be struggling.
This resource costs 24.95  and is available from: 
If you are torn between this and the ‘Relief Teacher Toolkit’, then I would recommend the Relief Teacher Toolkit. If however like me, you struggle to keep the rapid workers/ early finishers entertained, then it is definitely worth the money. After all, it never dates. You will have it for your whole teaching career, which is another thirty years or so! That’s what I tell myself anyway!
Thank you for reading my blog,


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