Teaching it Tuesday- Six Lesson Ideas for Substitute Teachers

July 29, 2014

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Hello everyone!
Welcome to a new feature of my blog- my weekly top six subbing lessons. I will be posting six lesson ideas for substitute teachers every Tuesday until September. Hopefully by September you will have a few lessons ready to teach at short notice.
Lava lamps
 (Science)I can never use this lesson again because I have used it in too many schools and camps, too many times! The children love it though, especially if you let them add another tablet, or if you make an extra big one outside, add lots of tablets and see what happens! (Tip: stand back!)
Home-made lemonade
(Science)Perfect for those warm, sunny days September days.
Carousel Picture Writing
 (English) have a set of funny/interesting set of a5 laminated photos. Each group gets a photo for ten minutes. They must work co-operatively to write a story based on the photo before moving on to the next one. Another way to do this is to pass around the photos and paper. Each child writes a sentence about the photo. Join all the sentences together at the end to make a story.
(Irish)Use simple photo-stories based on current interests. My newest ones are based on Super heroes. Use the photo stories for oral language and follow on activities, including questions, fill in the blanks, muddled sentences and so on.
Straw and Sellotape Tower
(Science/Art) divide children into teams. Each child must make a tower using straws and sellotape. The tower must balance, and be strong enough to hold a tennis ball. The tallest tower wins.
Report writing
(English) I have several fact books on sharks, animals, inventions, explorers etc. Aldi had great ones in before. I also gets lots of mine in 2nd hand shops for fifty cent or so. I sometimes carry four or five of them with me. I split the class into groups and give each group a topic to research and write a report on. They use my books and the school’s books to research.
Thanks for reading!


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