Fairytale Theme – Little Red Riding Hood

January 18, 2020

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Red Riding Hood
  • I am really enjoying using fairytales at the moment as the stimulus for my lessons. We got two weeks out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Prior to this we read The Three Little Pigs. We are starting Little Red Riding Hood on Monday.

Little Red Riding Hood

If you can when teaching younger children, always try to have a story sack! It makes it so much more meaningful to them! My story is Little Red Riding Hood so in my sack I could have, a red scarf for a cloak, a basket, a wolf mask, and an old nightdress or glasses to represent the granny!

So the first obvious link is stranger danger for SPHE- a perfect opportunity to talk in a safe and non- scary way about staying away from strangers.

English- create wanted posters for the wolf! The younger children can draw the wolf and transcribe a sentence, the older children might be able to a write a brief description.

English 2: Adjectives- ‘what big ears you have ‘ etc. Children will use adjectives to describe the wolf, red riding hood and the grandmother. You could also use it for learning about character traits.

English 3- using it as a sample narrative- characters, setting, problem, solution , new words.

History- sequence the main events in the story

Geography- draw a map of Red Riding Hood’s journey from her home to her grandmother’s house.

Maths- make patterns using wolf, red riding hood grandmother etc, data- graphs- ‘would you walk in the woods alone?’ survey class

Irish- read the Irish version of the story and teach simple vocab from it, colours and body parts.

Art- make the wolf out of paper plates

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