The TEACCH Method

January 23, 2020

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I have been talking about the TEACCH method which I have been trying to start up in my room since speaking to the NCSE advisor last week. She recommended it as a good teaching method and so the SNAs and I set to work setting up the baskets. We went through almost 400 laminating sheets and pages! It is up and running now though and we will use it for the rest of the year, and once the resources are used daily it is worth it! I have heard the official training in TEACCH from the NCSE is amazing but I haven’t been able to get a place on the course unfortunately. They are so difficult to get a place on!

The Five Basic Principles

TEACCH is centered on five basic principles. First, physical structure refers to individual’s immediate surroundings. Daily activities, such as playing and eating, work best when they are clearly defined by physical boundaries. Second, having a consistent schedule is possible through various mediums, such as drawings and photographs. Third, the work system establishes expectations and activity measurements that promote independence. Ideal work systems will communicate objectives with minimum written instructions. Fourth, routine is essential because the most important functional support for autistic individuals is consistency. Fifth, visual structure involves visually-based cues for reminders and instruction. The TEACCH method is a structured program that helps individuals with ASD learn, function and reach their goals.

  1. Physical organization  
  2. Individualized schedules 
  3. Work (Activity) systems 
  4. Visual structure of materials in tasks and activities 

I am using the Task Galore books and resources I purchased from teacherspayteachers to support me in this teaching method. Like everything it will take time to fully incorporate it and have it up and running but first impressions are good so far. I love the structure and the fact that the children know they need to complete what is in the basket to get their reward. I would love to get the full training in this, but for now I will have to self-teach myself!

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