Focused SESE- Antarctica and Antarctic Explorers

January 7, 2021

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Hi everyone,

I released my first Focused SESE resource in November. It was based on World War Two and the feedback has been so positive which I am delighted by! I will attach a link to it here:

When it was so positively received, I wasted no time in starting the second Focused SESE resource- Antarctica and Antarctic Explorers. This has just been uploaded to my website now after weeks of working on it before Christmas!

It is for fourth to sixth class pupils.

Table of Contents:

Comprehensions on early life and voyages of Ernest Shackleton


Adjective Study to describe Shackleton

Sample Adjectives

Comic Strips of his voyages

Explorers Report Template

Photos of expeditions

Newspaper report template

Tom Crean



Template- key moments in Tom Crean’s Life

Description and illustration of voyages template

Comic Strip

Continent Study- Antarctica

Story- A day in my Life in Antarctica

Compare and contrast your life with child in Antarctica’s from the story

Antarctica vocabulary

Antarctic animals research project

Mind map animal facts

A Trip to Antarctica- descriptive writing

This resource is priced at 6.50 but the first 100 downloads will be five euro. Here is the link to purchase:

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