Useful Website for Blended Learning:

January 7, 2021

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Muinteoir Valerie Teaching Blog4

The websites linked below are some useful ones I have used over the years, whether you are a parent or a teacher there’s soemthing for everyone in this list!

Junior Classes Maths/English

ABC ya!
Into the Book
Word Family Sort
Math Magician
Xtra Math
Interactive Quizzes
Fun 4 the Brain
Learning Games for Kids
Adapted Mind
PBS Kids
Sesame Street Games
Spelling City
Switch Zoo
Fun Brain
Storyline Online
Fuel the Brain – a good Irish website  online spelling programme  lesson plans, activity ideas and resources  downloadable resources  information, images and documents about various topics e.g. Irish public libraries & other culture institutions   (ENFO)  resources, homework help and educational websites by age and subject  supports literacy and numeracy (Good links to information about syndromes etc) information for early childhood educators and parents phonics based reading program for early learners.  You need to register to use some resources. Just remember your log-in and password access to online textbooks access to online textbooks. nursery rhymes and tongue twisters  Needs some computer downloads for sound. 

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