Halloween Games

October 20, 2015

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Monster Freeze Dance

Put on some Halloween tunes and have the kids dance until the music stops when they have to freeze.


Halloween Feel Box

Make boxes with slimy food and household items and have the kids feel their way through the box, identifying what the items are!

Wrap the Mummy

Kids work together in this game to wrap a classmate with toilet paper. The first group to finish wins!



Pass It On Ghost Story

A pass the ghost story lesson-great for oral language.


Rice Relay Race:

Designate a starting line and a finish line. Set out a bowl full of rice or some other food stuff for each player at the starting line and an empty bowl at the finish line. The players must use a large spoon to scoop rice out of the full bowl and then carry it to the empty bowl and fill it. They cannot spill any rice or use their hands! If any rice falls off the spoon, they must immediately pick it up and bring it back to the starting line bowl and start over with that scoopful.


Halloween Memory Game

Children use their memory to remember what Halloween items were on the table before they were hidden while teacher removes one item at a time.


Scarecrow Races

A fun relay race is the basis for this fast-paced Halloween party game for kids. The kids race in teams to dress a scarecrow – one article of clothing at a time. ( We have a scarecrow in school so I am looking forward to this game!)


Guess The Sweet Jar:

Very simple! Fill a jar with Halloween sweets and have them write down a guess as to how many pieces are in the jar. Everyone only gets 1 guess and the person who is the closest gets to take home the jar.





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