Halloween Ideas and Activities

October 19, 2015

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Hello everyone!

Are we all hanging in there, counting down the days until Friday?! I love the run up to Halloween in school. Here’s what we did today if you need some ideas!

Irish: Oiche Shamhna- exploring Halloween vocabulary.

English: Procedural writing: How to turn your best friend into a frog! (got some hilarious pieces of writing back!)

Oral language: ghost stories.

History: The Salem Witch Trials- ( there’s lots of power-points on Slideshare)

Art: I set up three stations.  One station made paper chains, one the skeletons and one the contrast ghosts. Then we swapped over. We only had forty minutes if even and got all this done, so it is a quick and effective art lesson if you’re stuck for time!

That’s the only bit of integration I fitted in today, but tomorrow I hope to fit every subject in under Halloween.


Tomorrow’s plan:

Maths: Data: Bar charts and trend graphs exploring our favourite Halloween movies, games and sweets.

Irish: writing an invitation to a Halloween party

English: Narrative: I downloaded a variety of Halloween writing prompts from Teacherspayteachers. The children will write their ghost stories and edit them.

English Reading: I found another free resource on TPT which is just a short reading comprehension and questions.

English , Oral Language: We will continue the ghost stories we started today.

SPHE: Fireworks and personal safety at Halloween.


Art: I did Art already today but I am going to try squeeze in a short twenty minute lesson to do more Halloween art.


History: I downloaded a lovely power-point from teacherspayteachers for free which describes the history of Halloween in different countries.

Music: We are going to start learning the Monster Mash!


Links to free products I will be using this week:


















I got the Halloween stickers from http://www.prim-ed.com/ , and got next day delivery!


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