Happy Hallowe’en everyone! Hallowe’en is one of my favourite holidays. In fact,my sister and I enjoy it so much we decided to run a Hallowe’en Camp. It was so much fun. Here’s some examples of what we got up to at our spooktacular camp.

First of all we made some Halloween themed arts and crafts. We made these toilet roll monsters. They are so easy to make,and most importantly of all, they involve process rather than product. Also, they are very cheap to make, which is a big plus.

Here’s what you need to make these.
a toilet roll
PVA glue (1.49 in dealz)
Crepe paper( 1e per roll in Powells)
Adhesive eyes(1.75 for 48 eyes in Powells)
Pipe Cleaners (1.50 in Penneys)
Pompoms ( 2e from 2EURO shop)

The children paint the roll with glue, then stick on the crepe paper. After this it’s all down to their imaginations! As you can see, no two monsters are the same..!

Haunted Houses.
We also made haunted houses using lolly pop sticks.(3.99 for200 in Mr Price)
The children stuck the lolly pop sticks on to backing card using PVA glue. 

What I love most about doing arts and crafts with children is the fact that you can give all children the exact same materials, yet every piece of art will be unique and different.[pb_builder]

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