Hibernia, tips on what to buy before you start!

July 29, 2013

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Hello there!
I have been talking to a friend who is starting Hibernia in September and she gave me the idea for this post. It’s just to give you an idea of what you may want to purchase before you start. These are things I found useful when I started.

  •  A really good printer. I bought a canon printer for 50e and it’s still going strong a year later. The ink cartridges are another matter though! They are so expensive, if possible you should try get them refilled. I go to a good place in Galway called ‘Right Price Ink’. It’s only 12e to refill them. I used four or five cartridges on my first teaching practise so you will go through them. Some people on my course bought laser printers. They work out cheaper in the long run, but are pricey to buy.
  • Lots of paper. Lidl had really good quality realms of paper in last week. I buy them in bulk because of the value and quality, for four euro! Tesco have a very cheap version too but the quality isn’t quite as high.
  • Laminating sheets..and a laminator! It will be your best friend on TP, and your resources will last years once laminated. I got a brilliant a3 laminator in lidl for 30e, keep an eye out for them!
  • A USB stick is a must have for TP too. I had a lot of resources saved on mine for TP. Connect it up to the interactive whiteboard and off you go! 
  • A notice board or a small whiteboard for your study area. Hibernia are always sending emails with dates for important events, for forms to be returned  etc and I found it really helped to scribble the dates down on my whiteboard so I wouldn’t forget. They are in aldi at the moment so snap them up!They are only five euro. I would be lost without mine.
  • Colourful pencils are great as a reward for kids on TP. I buy ten in the 2e shop for two Euro, and the children love them, right up to sixth class! 
  • Plastic storage boxes are useful too for storing resources in, I have seven of them full to the brim already. 
  • I find shops like ‘Mr Price’ great for picking up bits and bobs. 
That’s all I can think of for now, well done to everyone for getting in best of luck’ you’ll be kept busy! 


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