So here’s what we did at Summer Camp!

August 16, 2013

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We had our last day of Summer Camp today. It was so much fun! We watched the movie ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and had a little party, and our awards ceremony.  We have been keeping a diary all week of the activities we did. We have been very busy indeed! I would like to thank Carragh and Cealinn for their special contributions to our diary.
We spent a lot of time getting to know each other Monday morning. Most of us knew each other already, but there were a few children from Dublin who we didn’t know very well at the beginning of camp, but we soon became friends.  Monday was fun because we made delicious chocolate chip cookies, and our own home-made lemonade! (It was very sour though!)
Here’s how you make lemonade:
½ a cup of Lemon juice
½ a cup of water
A spoonful of sugar
Baking soda (optional- makes it become a fizzy drink)
You can use real lemons or lemon juice. We used both and found the lemon juice easier to use. You just mix everything in together, give it a good shake and taste!

We made funny faces in Art using pipe cleaners, coloured paper, crepe paper and pom poms!
On Tuesday we made a chocolate cake. It was really easy.
Here is the recipe:
4 Tbs of self raising flour
3 tbsp of vegetable oil.
2 tbsp of cocoa powder.
4 tbsp of caster sugar
2tbsp of milk
One egg.
We all took turns putting in ingredients and stirring. The cake only took 7 minutes to bake, and it was delicious! The only problem was that it was a bit small, so we made two cakes on the last day! We all had a slice. Yum yum!

We also played a fun game called ‘Americans and Indians’ which we created ourselves.
In Art we made signs for our bedroom doors saying ‘Keep Out’ or ‘Come in!’. We made special ones which can turn around and have writing on both sides of the paper.
Wednesday was really special because we got to meet the Puppet Family. Pierre the Parrot came all the way from France. He was a little nervous around small children though and he kept biting our ears! We also met a crazy monkey who just loved jumping around! He was very naughty!
We each got to hold and play with a puppet for a little while.
We made scary monsters in Art, and some of us made boats out of ice-cream sticks.
In science we made a volcano. It kind of worked but it wasn’t a very active volcano because we forgot one vital ingredient- the vinegar! It was fun making the dough, but very very messy!
To make the volcano, all you need to do is as follows:
Make a dough base for the volcano, using flour, water and salt. Next, place the bread soda inside the dough. Then, add red food colouring. Finally, add the vinegar and watch
it EXPLODE!.                    Volcano materials:
On Thursday we made a group collage including all our names. We didn’t get to finish it though. We played our special American and Indian game again because we all really loved it!

We also played real bingo. Joe, Cillian, Thomas and Cealinn won 2e each. Carragh only needed two numbers to win a full house! It was very exciting. We also had a raffle. It was the first time playing bingo for many, and it was a great way to practise our numbers before going back to school.

We had a movie day on Friday. We watched some of ‘Wreck it Ralph’ and had popcorn. We then had our party and played some party games. We all got a prize from the prize box at the end for being so good during camp.
Here are some pictures from our Summer Camp:

Packed for Camp

Our Chairs.
Our very messy art table!
Our art table again.

Some games we got to play with at lunch time:
Thanks to our campers Cealin, Carragh, Darragh, Joe, Thomas, Jaden, Avril, Stephen, Cillian, Shauna,Kathryn, Aisling, Jessica, Caomihe, Aoibheann and Aoife for making our camp so special!


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