Home Tutoring Kit

March 5, 2014

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These are my home tutoring kits for the younger end of the school. Maths in particular requires the use of concrete materials and hands on activities. It is impossible to give help in maths with just a pencil and paper! I gathered these bits and pieces in various book shops, 2e shops and 2nd hand shops. The hour just flies by when the child is busy and enjoying actually doing activities instead of writing. Try teach tens and units without the tens board- impossible!

This is my maths kit:

This is part of my English kit :

I also use a variety of workbooks to supplement what they are learning in school. For example in Irish if they use Bun go Barr, I’ll do the same chapter but from Sin E. I also buy the books from Scholastic when the dollar deal sale is on, they are an excellent resource! I make up my own workbooks too based on what the children need help with. I am currently working on a phonics pack for 2nd class. I really love home tutoring, as you can probably guess! The hour is just never long enough to get everything done!


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