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March 5, 2014

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Hello guys,
I wrote a post about home tutoring yesterday and some of the resources I use. Today I am going to show you the books I use for extra scaffolding of what the children are learning in school. I tend to use a variety of different books and worksheets so that the children do not get bored of the same book every week. So if we are focusing on prefixes in English, I will have maybe three or four different workbooks and worksheets on this topic so that all aspects get covered. The amount of work you do really depends on the age of the child. It’s advisable to have a brain break half way through. I have a tablet on which I have lots of educational games. I let the children play a game on it for five minutes half way through the lesson. If we are working extra hard, I let them half a two minute game of Subway Surfers, which I am afraid is not educational but it’s a special treat for hard work!


Above are just a selection of some of the books I use when teaching one on one. Remember if you are doing home tutoring to draw up a plan and record what you do every week. I usually do this and give the parents a record of what we have covered at the end of each term. 


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