Literacy and Geography Themes: A Review

March 3, 2015

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Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have done a review, so here we go! I ordered these books when I started the DIP to assist me in my thematic planning approach. I have the following books:

Environmental Issues- Facing the Challenges

Antarctica- The Frozen Continent

Natural Disasters-Nature in Turmoil

Rainforests- Temperate and Tropical Zones 

I usually spend a week or two on each theme. So far, I have used the Rainforest resource book. ( see the previous post for details) and Antarctica. I will be using Natural Disasters next week. I have been impressed thus far with this series of books. I have the upper primary versions,and they are incredibly detailed. By way of example, the Environmental Issues book boasts the following table of contents:
Teacher notes
Environmental issues overview
Endangered Species
Energy Sources
Global Warming
Ozone depletion
Soil degradation
Genetically modified foods
Natural disasters
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Hazardous Waste
Water Resources

As you can see, that’s a whole lot of ideas and lessons! The book goes through the curriculum, subject by subject, and gives lesson ideas, 13 lesson ideas to be precise. The book has a number of quizzes to assess the children’s knowledge of each topic. It also has factual texts to assess the children’s comprehension of the area.  Each lesson is laid out for you, section by section. It goes like so: 

Worksheet information
Answers (to the quiz)
Cross curricular activities
Curriculum links.

Here is a link: 

 Having these resources to hand makes those weekly plans just that little bit easier 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Valerie [pb_builder]

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