Rainforest Theme

March 3, 2015

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Hello everyone!

Here are some photos of the Rainforest theme which we studied last week. It was an interesting topic. Here’s what we covered in each subject:

English: We wrote reports on rainforest animals, diary entries from rainforest explorers, comprehending texts explaining the difference between temperate and tropical rainforests.

History: We studied ancient tribes of the rainforest, and created posters in groups based on these tribes. You can see some of our posters in the post below. 

Geography: We studied the natural environment of the rainforest in geography, i.e the four layers of the rainforest.

SPHE: We studied how deforestation is affecting the rainforests.

Science: We studied plant life in the Amazon rainforest. 

Art: We completed the collages below. The children had free reign of the art supplies. What they came up with is quite impressive- I love the 3d trees! One group made a lift the flap collage, where if you open out the tree trunk you can see snakes and butterflies inside, it is so cool! 

 I used my copy of this Rainforest resource book from Prim Ed Publishing. It is literally jammed with ideas, templates, quizzes, comprehensions and lesson ideas. I used it for all my lessons and I didn’t even get through half of it. I have a copy of this resource to give away, just check my Facebook page. I also sell a thematic unit of the Rainforest, including 20 lesson plans and resources. 

If you want to purchase this book, just follow this link:   http://www.prim-ed.com/webshop/SESE/Geography/Literacy-and-Geography-Themes


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