Make your Drama Lesson Shine!

August 23, 2016

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Warm Ups:


Prepare a series of task cards with words such as policeman, criminal, nurse, sick person, teacher, student etc. When each person has been given a card they must try match it to the person with the matching card by asking them questions.



This game can be used via role cards or verbal instruction. Divide the children into pairs. One child in the pair must try persuade the other to buy something, such as a hoover. The other person may give reasons why they don’t need it, and the seller must keep trying to persuade the customer.


Make a series of prompt cards, such as an old lady who rescued a cat, a fireman who rescued a child, a man who won the lotto, a doctor who saved a patient. The children must pick a task card and take turns interviewing each other.

Phone Talk:

A model phone would be great for this activity. Pass the phone from child to child. E.g. Child A: Hi my name is A and I am passing you to B.  Then B passes it on. Hi my name is B, A said Hi to me and I say Hi to G!


Balloon Team:

Blow up a balloon. The group must work together to keep the balloon airborne using only one hand  for as long as possible. (Set a two minute timer)

News Island:

Using sheets of newspaper, spread sheets around the room. Divide the children into groups of four. The aim is for the whole group to fit on the sheets of newspaper. Keep making the sheets smaller until only one group is left.


Footsteps and Granny:

Pick one child to be granny. Granny is trying to sleep. Granny stands at the top of the room with her back turned. The children must try touch granny’s back without waking her. Granny turns around every few seconds to try catch the children, as soon as Granny turns the children must freeze. The first child to reach Granny without being seen moving wins!


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