August 23, 2016

My Selfie Summer, Recount Writing in 5th and 6th

Hi everyone!


I am sure teachers up and down the country will be asking children all about their summer holidays this day next week! So here is a little post on recount writing.

Recount writing is one of my favourite writing genres. There is no way I could go through all the steps in teaching a recount in one blog post, the PDST website has everything you need on that front. I will however give a brief overview of points to go over if you are doing a recount in the first week of school.

I have a new product on my website called 'My Selfie Summer'. It is a series of writing frames based on an iphone for 5th and 6th to use as a template for writing their summer recount. The first 100 downloads are free and once they are downloaded the price will be 1.50!


Who did the activity?

What did they do?

Where did this take place?

When did it take place?

Why did this happen?


Write in sequential steps

Write in paragraphs

Write in chronological order

Extend on explaining the event which took place


Sequential Words:

Use sequential words such as :

First, next, after, then, meanwhile, eventually, later, finally.



Sum up what happened

Say what you enjoyed

Say what you learned


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