Maths Stations in the Senior Classes

August 7, 2019

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Fortnightly Plans September-December 5th and 6th

Maths stations is a lovely way to involve your class in active , hands on maths activities. Maths stations work best if you have at least one other adult in the room, so it may be a good way to use your in class support if you have any. Remember only use stations after direct and explicit teaching. It is most useful as a form of revision and assessment. Maths stations promote a great learning environment if done correctly. If you do not spend adequate time prepping your class, they will see it as an excuse to mess and be off task! So set high and clear expectations from the start.

There are some downsides to stations , mainly the amount of pre planning required! Also the noise level will be at a maximum, which is no harm but just keep it in mind. Constructive learning at its best! Timing is also essential , but some children may need more time than others at a particular station. On the plus side, it means all children can access manipulatives because of the smaller numbers at each station.

The amount of children at each station depends on the size of your class. Say a class of 30 may have six stations with five children at each.

Useful station ideas include:

  1. Mathletics if you have access to IPADS or other maths apps.

2. Card games- this is such a cheap and efficient way of revising the number strand. There are so many ideas here on Pinterest for all abilities.

3. Dice games: again another cheap and easy one! Here is a link to loads of FREE maths resources and games using dice on teacherspayteachers

4. Prim Ed have excellent problem solving boxes which would be very durable for stations. It might be worth a school investment, they are around twenty euro or so.

5. There are loads of games on TPT which require very little preparation. Just make sure they follow the Irish curriculum before using them! Here’s a link to all the free ones

This is a useful free resource!

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