NQT Pack From Prim Ed Publishing

August 13, 2019

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Nqt Pack 3


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I posted a photo of this NQT Pack on Instagram last week and had a few questions . 

Books included in the pack are:

I was very impressed with the price of this set for what you get. You get 6 really useful high quality teacher resource books for 65 euro. If you were to buy these separately it would cost 129.70e so that is a good saving.

There is a good selection of books too. I love the quiz books- with really up to date questions- perfect for Golden Time ! The STEM book is excellent and could easily be used for a full years worth of planning as the lesson plans included are really detailed.

It would be an excellent resource to have in any classroom. The problem solving boxes are great for stations and are really reasonable to buy by themselves too. The Teaching Writing strategies would help with genre writing. I will be posting more photos on my facebook and instagram pages if you like to see the inside for samples. I think for the price this is one resource worth looking into , for teachers who like to have hard copy resources to hand which you will use all year.

You can get the NQT Pack in any class level too!

Nqt Pack 3
Nqt Pack 3
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