Medieval Writing Art Lesson

May 2, 2015

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Hi everyone,

Here is some information on the art we did this week. I had to keep it nice and simple. In a fit of insanity, I threw out all my recyclable art materials because I wanted my new classroom to be nice and tidy. What a silly thing to do in hindsight! I didn’t have many materials to hand when planning my lesson, so I whipped out my prim-ed visual arts book, and came across this lovely idea.


A CD with images of the art creations came with the book, so I put a sample on the board for the children. It was based on the illuminated letters from medieval times. The book also had a photocopy of a self reflection sheet for the children for the end of the lesson which will be great for my assessment folder!


















All we needed was three sheets of paper per child, some scrap paper, glue, scissors, crepe paper and wool. It was very straight forward and made for a beautiful display.



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