Science Investigation- Cells

May 1, 2015

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Hello everyone!


Happy bank holiday weekend! I finally have a chance to do some blogging. We are moving house at the moment and have no internet! Earlier this week I posted pictures of our science experiment on the Facebook page and a few people inquired about it. Basically, I was teaching about cells. We were learning about how plants need cells to grow. We spoke about how our body also needs water, and how lack of water drys out our cells. So, the easiest and cheapest example I could find of a plant was the humble potato.


All we needed was:



a blunt knife


(Suitable for 4th-6th class)

After discussing cells and plant life, we began our investigation. Each child was given a potato cut in half. They had to scoop out the inside of each half of the potato. ( They loved this part!)They poured lots of salt into one half, and left the other half empty. We then left them on the sink to see what would happen. As we were leaving school the potato with the salt was beginning to dry out. We will see the full results when we are back on Tuesday. I am hoping that the potato with the salt will have dried out completely, fingers crossed!


I had a worksheet to go with the experiment too, which they filled out afterwards. If you would like me to add them on here let me know.


It was the cheapest experiment I’ve done! And we had fun making people/shapes out of the left over potatoes with matchsticks. 🙂




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