Michael Morpurgo Novel Bundle- Kensuke’s Kingdom and The Butterfly Lion

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday morning! After the great reaction to my previous novel study ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’, which you can view here: https://www.muinteoirvalerie.com/product/the-boy-in-the-striped-pyjamas-novel-study/ , I decided to share some information about these novel guides I created a couple of years ago. When I taught the senior classes I relied heavily on novels for thematic teaching, so you will read a lot of posts about novels if you were to flick through my blog! I just think they are the best way to make connections, promote thematic teaching and learning, work on all those essential comprehension skills , inferencing, synthesising etc in a more meaningful way.

Michael Morpurgo is an excellent author to focus your studies on. He has so many books out, you will find a level to suit any class you have. Children seem to be big fans of him too which makes it easier!

I read Kensuke’s Kingdom and The Butterfly Lion when I had third and fourth class, and both went down well. Kensuke’s Kingdom would be for a stronger class, whereas The Butterfly Lion might be more geared for third class or a weaker fourth class.

The Butterfly Lion

This novel is based on a young boy who was raised in South Africa until the age of eight. He had a pet lion and was separated from his beloved pet when he had to go to school in England the the lion was sold to a circus owner from France. The story continues to tell of the boy’s time spent in the war etc until he is eventually reunited with the lion.


Here’s some teaching suggestions based on this novel:

Discuss the cover and predict what the story will be about.

Themes in the novel

Comprehension questions for each chapter

Persuasive writing: Reasons for and against keeping the lion worksheet

Cause and effect worksheet

Favourite quotes from the novel worksheet

Chapter highlights

Persuasive writing: why animals should/should not be used in a circus

The story from the lion’s point of view template

Comic strip template to summarise chapters

Name and research four African animals

Procedural writing: how to look after a lion

Lion facts

My favourite character

My lion report

Book report

Book cover template

Adjective/verb/noun hunt

Extra teaching ideas based on the novel

Facts about Michael Morpurgo

Kensuke’s Kingdom:

Kensuke’s Kingdom is an adventurous novel about a young boy who becomes trapped on a desert island, and an old man named Kensuke who lives there. The novel details Michael’s life on the island and the friendship which develops between Michael and Kensuke. Again there is loads of scope for integration and linkage with other subjects in this novel.

Book study for 3rd-6th class containing the following:

  1. Predictions

Themes in the novel.

3.Comic strip template

4.Chapter highlights template

5.Character study- compare and contrast

.My favourite character

8.Adjectives to describe favourite character

10.How did your favourite character change?

12.Setting of novel study


14.Points of view

16.Book review

17.Adjective, adverbs and verb hunt

18.Extra ideas


Persuasive writing

Writing from another point of view

Letter writing

Diary entry

You can buy the novel guides separately for five euro each, or you can buy them together as a pack for only six euro here:

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