Mother’s Day Suggestions

February 28, 2018

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Hi everyone.


Mother’s Day falls on the 11th of March this year so it is just around the corner. I love Mother’s Day and it’s probably my favourite out of all the ‘days’ we have to celebrate in school. Last year I held a Mother’s Day Luncheon for my class and their mothers obviously and it was so lovely. We read our poems, we sang, we danced, and we shared samples of all our work. It was such a great day Remember this can be a difficult day for some children so just be conscious of that, if there is a child who has suffered a bereavement in your class I would honestly steer away from celebrating it at all.

So here’s some suggestions:


Read books with a theme or focus on families and mothers in particular. I wouldn’t go out buying books especially however.Check your school library or my go to website for read alouds-

Teach the children a poem to learn off by heart. We don’t do that enough anymore! Here’s a nice example for the younger classes:



Writing poems- shape poems, acrostic poems.

Writing in a variety of genres:

  1. Why I love My Mom
  2. What My Mom does for Me
  3. How I can Help My Mom
  4. Recipe for a Mother’s Day Cake



Mother’s Day Around the World

A History of My Family- a timeline / project



SO many ideas on pinterest! I have added a link to just some:


If all this googling is too time consuming for you, then you can download my Mother’s Day literacy resource here:


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