Snow Days February 2018

February 28, 2018

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Hi everyone!

I am writing this post more so for myself than you so in years to come I can read my blog and remember this wonderful day. I woke up this morning and I stumbled over to the window and saw the snow. I was so worried, I am a slightly nervous driver at the best of times in cold weather but now that I am expecting I am even worse. So I was not happy! Then, minutes later I got ‘THE TEXT!’ notifying staff that school was closed. I was never so relieved in my life. I was wide awake at that stage due to the sheer excitement so I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I made my way downstairs, made a cup of tea and sat on the couch with Sonny watching Ireland AM. Blissful, simply blissful.  I did a bit of work on my blog then seeing as it has been so sorely neglected this year. I had a leisurely breakfast and set about tidying the house. I think I must have the most organised and tidiest house in North County Dublin after today. I scrubbed, cleaned, hoovered, and dusted everything three times over.

I did a bit of baking then and attempted to bring Sonny out but I nearly slipped so I turned back to be on the safe side.  Celebrating the day off aside, do be careful out there. There’s compacted ice under the snow so it’s really dangerous. And I am nearly out of bread! I was silently scoffing at all the people panic buying supplies, so sure was I that the snow wouldn’t be as bad as promised. I ‘m not scoffing now that’s for sure!

And best of all, we are off for the rest of the week!

I am not quite sure what to do with myself now, I might watch some Netflix.. any recommendations?!

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