Day Two: The Stages of Reaction to a Snow Day

March 1, 2018

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The stages of a teacher’s reaction to a snow day:

  1. Hope: I was out sick on Monday and went back in Tuesday. I still didn’t feel 100% so the thoughts of a snow day was just beyond amazing. I really didn’t think we would get a snow day, at least not until Friday maybe. I had lost all faith in Met Eireann after Storm Ophelia.
  2. Disbelief: The shock and disbelief when that text comes through- on WEDNESDAY!
  3. Relief: The complete and utter relief of not having to drive in the snow.
  4. Joy: Having a full day of being at home, relaxing, eating, watching weather reports, just blissful. Then to be told we have a further two days off to look forward to!
  5. Productivity: A day of rest leads to a day of productivity- which means lots of paperwork complete!

Day two of our unexpected but very welcome time off! What are we all up to? I had a lie in and then started doing some planning. I am finished now though, all long and short term plans done for term three! Yahoo! I was anxious to get all my paper work in order because I will please God be going on maternity leave in the middle of May so I want everything in order for whoever takes over.

If you are a first and second class teacher then this may interest you. I have uploaded all my fortnightly plans for January through to the end of May on to my blog for only ONE euro each. I didn’t do plans for June because I know it is such a busy month in all schools it is difficult to plan for. So if you have a lot on this term or you just don’t want to spend weekends on fortnightly plans then you can download mine here!

They are twenty pages in length for each fortnight. I don’t think they have to be that long but when I am sharing mine with other teachers I like to make sure they are very detailed and clear.


Now to my next job- to put away all my lovely clothes that no longer fit me!

Enjoy the day off everyone and stay indoors!



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