1st and 2nd Class Planning Bundle

March 2, 2018

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Hi 1st and 2nd class teachers!

Snow day number three is here along with another special offer on my website. I love having this free time to put into my blog, I have missed it!

Today I am uploading ten copies of a bundle which includes:

Fortnightly plans for January- May 2018 ( 8 plans in total 20 pages each in length)

Long term plans for term two. English, maths, music, PE and SPHE are for term two and term three!  The fortnightly plans are usually 3 euro each and the long terms come as a pack for ten euro.  I am sharing ten of these bundles however for only 12.00


It is basically all your planning done for the rest of the year except for SESE for May and June.

Here is the link:




Isn’t this time off so wonderful? I am just loving being at home tidying and organising my house. I have pinterest-ed every room in my house at this stage so today I am not moving off the couch!

Enjoy the last snow day everyone!






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