Múinteoir Valerie’s Guide : The Interview Process

April 26, 2019

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Hi everyone,

I published my guidebook ‘Múinteoir Valerie’s Guide to Primary School Interviews’ last year. . It gave me something to work on and to keep my mind sharp and focused on the teaching world while I was on maternity leave!

As we face into yet another week of our lives being altered due to this virus, I am trying my best to stay productive and busy. Lara is miraculously still sleeping so I am using this time wisely by editing and updating my blog, drinking tea and watching youtube in the background! I uploaded a story on Instagram over the weekend talking about how this may be a good time for NQT’s and substitute teachers to start preparing for interviews and I got a lot of feedback. If you start by even reading over, or starting the first section of your standard application form today, then that is a great start! Or maybe start a course, free or paid it doesn’t matter, but if you can fill that box in the SAF with lots of worthwhile CPD it will make your interest in teaching shine through.

A lot of you have downloaded this guidebook already, so maybe start with reading through the chapter on the standard appilcation form or CV. Remember, use at least some of this lockdown time to invest in yourself and your future! That is what I am trying to do anyway!

I really enjoyed writing this book. Best of all, ( as the children would say!) I approached some principals I hold in particularly high regard to contribute and they did. So there is a chapter written by four different principals from all different types of schools to give us some hindsight. One very experienced principal has even written a chapter on applying for principalships! I am sure that day will come for many of you.

This book will hopefully be of help to teachers in any stages of their teaching careers, not just NQTs.

It is available to download now http://www.muinteoirvalerie.com/product/muinteoir-valerie-a-guide-to-primary-school-interviews/

The table of contents is posted below:

Table of Contents

The Standard Application Form

The Letter of Application

List of Questions

Sample Answers to Commonly Asked Questions in English (40)

Sample Answers to Commonly Asked Questions -Gaeilge

Sample Answers to Questions for Principalship

Standard Application Form Buzz words and Verbs

Interviews with Irish Principals

First Impressions

Research the School

What to (And Not To) Wear – Interview Attire

Questions you may want to ask the Interviewer

Checklist: Are you Ready?

Other Resources for Interview Preparation

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