Writing Genres-Report Writing

May 4, 2019

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Report writing is one of my favourite genres. It is an easy enough one to teach and it integrates and links well with science. There’s also loads of online resources on this genre to help a busy teacher. I like to do animal reports with my class.

This is how I would teach report writing:

Day One: Model report writing- teacher writes a report on the IWB and teaches children exactly how to do it, paying attention to specific vocabulary, headings etc. The class actively contribute facts on the topic to help the teacher. The teacher will write the facts first in a brainstorm bubble and then will show the children how to transfer the information into full sentences.

Day Two: Guided report writing: the teacher writes on the IWB with the help of the children- the children fill in missing parts of report etc. Children then pick topic to write their reports on. The children can do a rough draft of their report to show the teacher the level they’re currently at.

Day Three: Children start writing their reports with the help of research books/IPADS. This could be an individual or group activity- I would recommend group work ( knock another methodology off the list)

Day Four: The children continue to work on and edit their reports and add illustrations.

Day Five: The teacher goes through the report writing checklist on the board with the children and they self assess to see of they have used all the conventions of report writing. The children read their reports aloud to the class.


Report Headings:

Classification – predator/ prey?

Description- appearance and behaviour



Special Facts


Report writing must always be factual and of course in full sentences. The children must write the report in the present tense. Diagrams and illustrations are often used.


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