My New Prim-Ed Prompt Boxes and How I will use them.

August 15, 2014

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Hello everyone,

Those of you who follow my Facebook page will know I ran a competition last week. My page recently hit 50,000 blog post views. (It’s at almost 54,000 now!) and Prim-Ed Publishing gave me this resource as a very thoughtful ‘Well Done’ gesture:


Not only did I receive a Prompt Box set, but I was also offered one to give away on my blog to a very lucky follower!. All you had to do was like and share the photo, to get 150E worth of resources! Thank you to Prim-ed for making such a generous contribution, to myself and my followers.

Naturally, I spent a couple of hours examining the prompt cards. I am lucky enough to have a set for the junior, middle and senior classes. I can’t wait to use them in school. The cards are of excellent quality,as are the boxes.

I’ll give a brief over view of the prompt boxes and what I will use them for. : )

So, there is box one, two and three, for junior, middle and senior classes. Each box contains 200 cards. Each prompt box is divided into sections,

e.g. in box three we have:

Persuasive writing

A sample card topic: “write a limerick that begins with  ‘there once was a jaguar from Tibet'”

These cards will really help children who struggle with creative writing and just need an idea. They will also reinforce the genres of writing, as they cover a wide range of genres within each box, e.g. procedure, recount, report, narrative, poetry etc. All the topics are based on areas which children would find interesting and fun to write about.

If I am subbing in September, I will bring thirty or so cards with me  (in a plastic container I bought especially for them today) I will give each child a card. They can swap them later in the day if I want to use them again.

If I have my own class, I will use the prompt boxes for my writing centre area for early finishers, or for group work.

These are available to pre-order only!

Valerie : )[pb_builder]

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