My Summer of Teaching and Job Applications

August 10, 2014

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Hello everyone,
I hope you are enjoying what is left of the summer. I have two weeks of summer camp, then I am completely free for the last week of August! I am so excited, I haven’t really had a lot of time off this summer!
So, what did I do? Well I felt like lazing around, going to the beach, and watching Netflix late into the night. Though I did this a lot, the over achiever in me wouldn’t allow such things to be a regular occurrence!

I had a busy, busy summer. I work weekends in a shop. During the week I did July Provision and home tuition. I had a lot of children for home tuition this summer, so I was kept going constantly. It is hard work, but such great experience.  Through working one on one with children of all ages, I found many strategies and ways of teaching certain areas. July provision was also a great experience, which I also enjoyed.

August will consist of two summer camps, a week off, then it is September!
Unfortunately, I think I spent too much time working on adding to my CV, and not enough time actually sending CV’s. I was determined to have a standard application form brimming over with extra-curricular and experience. This ultimately led to me working so much that I actually had little time to sit down and apply for jobs. I have applied for roughly 40-50 jobs this summer. I had two interviews, which I am thankful for as it is all experience. I do regret not applying to more schools though.
There appears to be two schools of thought on the job application process.
1.       Apply for everything, if you’re not in, you can’t win.
2.       Be selective, and apply to less schools, but with more personalised applications.

I originally subscribed to option number two, but now I am afraid I was too selective in the process! It is impossible to know what to do. The few applications I did send, took two hours or so each to complete. I don’t understand how people have applied to 500 plus jobs. Where do you get the time?! Please share your secret!

There are still three weeks left of the summer however so I shan’t lose hope.
Best wishes and prayers to all who are in the same treacherous boat, here’s hoping we sail to shore soon!


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