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November 14, 2015

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Hello everyone,

Scholastic Publishers very kindly sent me this wonderful collection of books to add to my school library. We all know that children nowadays do not read enough. Sometimes, the only time they read, may be in school. Shocking I know! I have been trying to make my library a little more interesting, in the hope of encouraging reading. We try to have DEAR time every day, but truthfully there just isn’t time. I am going to try be more regimental about it though, as every ten minutes of DEAR time adds up- and helps improve literacy.

I now have the complete collection of Horrible Science, Horrible Histories, Horribly Famous, and Horrible Geography. These are perfect for children who don’t enjoy reading novels, and prefer books with segmented chunks of information.

I also have a wide selection of facts books, from the Titantic, to world war one and two, space, animals, etc. These are so useful for project work.

I love the selection of the classics I received. They may not be every child’s cup of tea, but I think they are splendid. I am going to read one a week in the class aloud for them, and I’ll encourage other children bring them home to read. They are abridged, and at 60 or so pages leave out a lot of the story, but they still maintain the plot and character development so as not to be detrimental to the original.


These are all available to order from Scholastic if you are planning on adding to your library.












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