Science About Dinosaurs

July 9, 2016

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Hi everyone!

I have an exciting new resource in the works! The cogs have been turning since I found out I will have 1st and 2nd class next September, and I have been putting this idea together in my free time. As a teacher, the subject I find most difficult to plan for is science. I always run out of material and used to spend ages last year searching for experiments the children hadn’t done. They have done everything on the primary science website twice over! So, having 1st and 2nd made it that bit easier to start planning because there are many themes I can use with them which I simply couldn’t with 5th and 6th.


I plan to share my new resource on my blog. It will be a monthly resource pack, which plans your science lessons week by week based on themes. I am working my science into five 20 minute lessons a day. It is slightly over time allocation, but integrates well so it is okay. Each month has a theme and each week a sub theme based on strands and strand units. So September is based on the strand of Living Things, the sub themes are dinosaurs, reptiles, Ocean life and Ocean Animals. The resource units are not full lesson plans like TP ones, but rather short lesson plans, and step by step guides to each day’s lesson, including the resources needed such as KWL charts, flashcards and so on. There is an investigation/experiment included each week and a reflection sheet for the children to complete.


I have included a sample on my blog, which is just day one of the Dinosaur unit, which is for week one in September. Please let me know what you think!

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