Hi everyone,

I hope the first full week back is going smoothly for you all. I am loving my maternity leave, Lara, Sonny and I are enjoying ourselves tremendously. It is actually so busy looking after a baby, a dog and a house, oh and a fiancée too. How will I fit work in in a few months?!

I see so many people entered the https://www.prim-ed.com/   

competition on my page to win the brand new STEM box set. I thought I could share some ideas on here too seeing as there was such an interest.


  1. Building a Paper Airplane
    Challenge Question: Can you build a paper airplane that will fly far through the air? Build one and measure how far you can make it go!
  2. . Building a Roller Coaster
    Challenge Question: What kind of roller coaster can you make with straws? Use a ping pong ball as your “car” to try it out when you are finished!
  3. Jellybean Structures
    Challenge Question: What kind of structure can you make using only jelly beans and toothpicks?
  4. Building a Paper Plate Marble Maze
    Challenge Questions: Can you build a marble maze using a paper plate?
  5. . Building an Army Launcher
    Challenge Question: Can you build a launcher for your army man with the things in the provided cup? How can you make it go as far as possible?

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