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September 2, 2018

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by my new website. I am so delighted with it. It will hopefully be much easier to use and download from. If you ever need a website created then Craig Kearney is your man, so so professional and helpful. I hope my lovely new site will inspire me to post more and create more resources. The third and fourth class pack will be uploaded by the end of the week. If you are encountering difficulties downloading products please email me at [email protected] and I can send them to you directly if there is an issue.

The page has been receiving a huge amount of traffic, that time of year I suppose! But I do hope you find it somewhat useful.

There will be a number of special offers going up on the site this week so keep an eye out for freebies and competitions!

I myself will have third and fourth class this year. I must admit I was devastated to be moved from first and second and not having the communion class but I am looking forward to working with the third and fourth class curriculum for a change when I do eventually go back to work! It is hard to believe I am half way through my maternity leave already. It is so unfair that they use our summer holidays as part of the leave! I hope to take unpaid leave for a month or two to have the extra time with Lara. I do miss school and the staff and children. I hope they don’t like the sub more than me! That always seems to happen. I will have to pop out and visit them just in case!

As an aside, just a quick note on buying plans. The teacher blog scene has exploded this summer which is great, but do make sure you are downloading plans of a suitable quality. A friend of mine showed me plans she paid well for and they were only two pages each! Maybe that is sufficient in some schools but I certainly wouldn’t be paying for plans that short.

Anyway, I hope to post here regularly to keep my head in the game so stay tuned!


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