September Essentials

September 7, 2019

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3rd and 4th class bundle term one plans

So you have one week down, and if like me you are still frantically chasing your tail, then fear not! This list is not exhaustive, but it contains the things I would personally prioritise for this busy time.

  1. if you are an NQT you need to have your weekly plan done. There’s no excuses for this I’m afraid! Most schools give until the end of September for the termly plans, but the weeklies do need to be done a week in advance, which makes sense! Same with fortnightly plans.
  2. Sort out all the children’s books/copies etc, make sure they have everything and if they do not, let their parents know!
  3. Have your timetable in place
  4. Try have a behaviour management system up and running.
  5. First SPHE lesson- classroom rules! Let the children come up with rules they feel are important and ensure they adhere to them. Be consistent with enforcing the rules. Be strict for September for an easy year as the saying goes!
  6. Try stick to your timetable because this will help the children develop a routine and familiarity with your classroom.
  7. Try have a little chat with each child in your class throughout the day. This can be tougher than one would think given the ever increasing class sizes but it does mean a lot.
  8. Check the supplies in your room/school and make a list of essentials you may need for art/science etc for the next few weeks.
  9. Try work on that assessment folder! Even if you have all the children’s names and dividers in it and a couple of assessments for September it is something!
  10. Don’t stay in school too late! You don’t want to burn out too early in the year- there is a long term ahead.
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